Convert Json to SQL format using C# library

Well, we are going to talk about one more new and interesting component called JsonToSQL where it converts the Json data into SQL script format.

Interesting? Let’s move on to discuss much more details about this component.


JsonToSQL is a powerful open source .NET library for converting Json to SQL script format.

The output SQL script contains the,
  • Script for creating the database with name default to JsonToSQL. You can even provide your own database name to library.
  • Schema for creating the database tables.
  • Queries to insert the Json data into database tables.

JSON to SQL Download

Here are the advantages of the JsonToSQL library:
  • Converts all kinds of your Json to SQL script.
  • Super-fast conversion.
  • The generated SQL script is fully compatible to MS SQL Server and Azure SQL DB.
  • No other dependencies except Newtonsoft.Json.dll
  • Library is free to use, including for commercial purpose.
  • Open source, and anyone can pull source code and customise as per their need.

Instructions on how to use:

Step1: Download the latest library and refer JsonToSQL.dll to your project.

Step 2: Use the below code to convert your Json data into SQL script.

The below code is used to convert your Json string to SQL.

The below code is for converting Json stream to SQL.

Please find the latest or archived releases from here.

Please visit JsonToSQL repository if you would like to perform pull request.

In case if you would like to submit any issues, please feel free to report issues.

Thanks for reviewing the component documentation and cheers…..

Have any questions? Let’s discuss them from below comment box.


  1. Thanks for the information but how json should look like for this. Will you be able to show the json file.

    1. You can pretty much use the Json whatever you want.


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